About us


Bluebay Training (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African owned company, established because the director acknowledge that South Africa knows that its human resources are a critical factor for its future progress and prosperity, especially in the face of global competition. The company further recognises that in order to meet the skills challenges in organisations, they must invest in the education, training, and development of their people.

We firmly believe that organisations, who take an innovative and proactive approach in developing their employees, will become ‘in demand’ organisations. Therefore, we believe, with our expertise and practical experience in the Education, Training and Development field, we can assist organisations to close the skills gap to address the imbalances of the past and thus help grow the economy.


We will achieve our goals through engaging in activities that are designated as essential for the successful performance of the client organisation. We will deliver services that are superior and of a standard acceptable to all. The company will promote training, development and consulting as a process, having a beginning, middle and an end.


Our values in achieving our Vision and Mission will be:

  • Our commitment to service excellence.
  • The acceptance of the dignity and worth of every individual.
  • Behaving in an ethical and professional way at all times.
  • The full commitment to every project undertaken.
  • The respect of confidentiality of both client and individuals.
  • The development of products/services that match the clients needs.


    • We are a training and consulting organisation.
    • The company was registered in July 2014 as a (Pty) Ltd.
    • We know we will be successful because our director and operational staff have vast amount of practical experience and knowledge of operating in this highly competitive industry.


    • To be an accredited training provider with the Services SETA by February 2017.
    • To be accredited with other SETAs as and when required to meet client requirements.
    • To reach a turnover of R3, 000,000 by the end of the first three full years of operation.


Our organisation is in a unique position to offer an umbrella of services as a one-stop shop. These are:

    • Consulting – Services which are research driven (problem finding and problem solving) and use methods that are unique to the challenges of each individual organisation.
    • Training & Development – The provision of training and development interventions that are accredited and offer practical solutions to organisations which will close the knowledge and skills gap and give organisations the ability to take on their competitors head-on.
    • Mentoring and Coaching – Interventions which lead to skills transfer and not just textbook theories; resulting in sustainable change by the individuals concerned.